Once a prospective tenant has made a decision on the kind of residence to go for, it is necessary to assess their ability to afford and maintain the residence. In our line of business as real estate agents, we are bound to come across the ambitious and mobile personalities who are just about to begin their lives as individuals. What other way to commence such a journey than to offer them a Raleigh apartment?

A Raleigh apartment is an apartment that contains all the feature of your regular residence in a properly designed fashion, usually within reach of an average tenant. This means that to market it effectively we would have to focus more on its selling points and advantages which are no doubt going to delight our would be tenant. What could some of these features be?

A major feature of these wonderful apartments is that they possess suitable layout sizes for any kind of tenant. A lot of people would be willing to go for the three-bedroom apartments. And who would stop them, really? With the spacious layout and sufficiency of space, there could not be a better choice of apartment outside of this. Others might not be so ambitious and as a result would be comfortable with a smaller size like the two or one- bedroom apartments. There is no problem with this. After all, research has shown that many tenants who begin with small size apartments eventually graduate to the larger sized ones.

Still on the issue of size, we would need to highlight the width, breath, and openness of most of their floor plans. This might not be of much interest to a single person like a bachelor or a spinster. But when you have a family, this criteria more than any other is usually the determining factor in a purchase or not to purchase situation. A ready example would be when a tenant would want to entertain guests. Indeed, in our field of expertise it is not unusual to find prospective tenants enquiring on if they could have parties in their apartments. For such adventurous types, we tend to encourage them to go for the three- bedroom apartments. And they usually come back to thank us later.

A related feature to that of floor plans would be the availability or non-availability of living and dining rooms. For a lot of tenants, these two rooms are an essential part of how they interact with their apartments. In our field of expertise, we have seen would-be tenants specifically enquire about the size, location, and design of their living and dining rooms. And there is a good reason for this. A lot of these tenants are usually in the middle and/or working class. These are very busy people who tend to devote a lot of their times at home on work. For them, they need to know that they can function properly from home just as if they were in the office. This is why a lot of attention is placed on their living rooms.